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July 1, 2014
Avon Lake Regional Water Reminds Us That We’re “Damned If We Don’t”
New book, that talks about ways to accelerate change around water, includes a chapter from Avon Lake’s Todd Danielson about the benefits for utilities to use social media.

SACRAMENTO – Todd Danielson, Chief Utilities Executive at Avon Lake Regional Water, has just been published in a pre-released chapter from “Damned If We Don’t! Ideas for accelerating change around water”, a new book from the Water Innovation Project, LLC. The book is focused primarily on water-related issues and personal stories from 25 different authors representing a variety of ideas around better managing our relationship with water.
Water experts and executives are learning how social media can dramatically improve our utilities, whether it’s to provide citizens with reminders about conservation or to warn them immediately about a major issue,” said Danielson, who wrote a chapter about the water industry’s growing acceptance of social media. “It’s no longer considered a waste of time.”
One example that Danielson mentions in the chapter is related to a supplier in northern Ohio. Whenever there’s an article written in the newspaper, plenty of negative comments are posted in response to the story. Yet, there’s slow (if any) damage control by the supplier itself.
Utilities get bashed online all the time because of minor delays or significant issues with the service, but this shouldn’t happen anymore,” Danielson stated. “It takes a few moments to tweet about a delay over the weekend or a system-wide malfunction – just that effort will improve customer relations and limit bad publicity.”
Other authors in “Damned If We Don’t” include water experts, utility managers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and professors, all of whom are doing something extraordinary in the water sector. The book includes personal anecdotes as well as thought-provoking pieces that could change the industry itself.
We wanted a book that expressed a variety of thoughts and ideas when it comes to understanding our relationship to water because, unfortunately, many of us take water for granted,” said Christopher Peacock, founder of the Water Innovation Project. “This book provides insight and can help us learn from experience ways in which to accelerate change in our behaviors around, management of and relationship to water.  If we don’t, we may indeed be damned.”
To download a copy of Todd’s chapter, and for more information about the book “Damned If We Don’t”, please visit

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