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For Immediate Release – September 10, 2014
New Book Reminds Us That We’re “Damned If We Don’t” Change Our Mindset On Water
With more than 25 authors who are sharing ways to accelerate change around water, a new anthology called “Damned If We Don’t” aims to educate water professionals and inspire them to take action.
SACRAMENTO – A new water anthology, “Damned If We Don’t! Ideas for accelerating change around water”, has just been released for preorder this week by The Water Innovation Project. The book is focused on water-related issues and personal stories from more than 25 different authors who represent a variety of ideas around better managing the industry’s relationship with water.
“With topics that range from climate change to conservation to smart grid enhancements and water innovation, this book is a collection of viewpoints that encourage, inspire and invoke a drive to take action,” said Christopher Peacock, founder of the Water Innovation Project and publisher of the book. “Water professionals need to see how collaboration and information sharing are the smartest ways that we can save, strengthen and rebuild our fractured water sector.”
Authors include water experts like Bob Sandford, EPCOR Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative in support of the United Nations “Water for Life” Decade; Karen Kun, Executive Director of Toronto-based Waterlution; Dave McGimpsey, a Denver-based energy lawyer who has represented water utilities for over 15 years; and Renee M. Kayal, Program Director of Education & Training for the Water Environment Federation.
This book, as Peacock notes, is about taking action. But it is actually taking action itself in its own way.
“For every preordered copy of ‘Damned If We Don’t’, half of the proceeds will be donated to Water For People, a Denver-based charity that focuses on water quality and sanitation throughout the world,” he stated. “So preordering this book is not just a way to inspire readers to take action, but every donation will be put to good use before a reader looks at the first page.”
Two pre-release chapters have already been available at
Advancing One Water Management with One Water Communication, written by Donna Vincent Roa, an internationally accredited business communicator and a water communication expert
Utilize Social Media – Don’t Block It, written by Todd Danielson (P.E., BCEE), Chief Utilities Executive at Avon Lake Regional Water.
The book includes personal anecdotes as well as thought-provoking pieces that could change the industry itself, and will be available for download on the Amazon Kindle platform in addition to a paperback version in October.
“Along with a variety of experts in this anthology, such as utility managers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and professors, it was necessary that they have been doing something extraordinary with their use, leadership or research as it pertains to water,” explained Peacock. “This book can help us learn to accelerate change in our behaviors around, management of and relationship to water… if we don’t, we may indeed be damned.”
To preorder the book, read pre-released chapters and for more information about “Damned If We Don’t”, please visit
About The Water Innovation Project LLC:
The Water Innovation Project is an idea lab and leadership hub with a mission to transform the way our industries and everyday people value water. Through innovation and collaboration, we work with water technology firms, as well as current and future leaders in the water industry, to create effective ways for the water sector to work together in resolving future water issues. 
For more information, please contact: 
Christopher Peacock
Founder, The Water Innovation Project, LLC
Tel: 916-245-0560

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